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Plant Design System

Plant Design System (PDS) software can be used to design any type of plant�from petrochemical plants, offshore platforms, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, consumer products (food, beverages, cosmetics, soap, paper, and so forth), to power plants, waste water treatment plants, and cogeneration facilities. Specifically, the Plant Design System (PDS) integrates many discipline-specific software modules; these modules automate the many phases of a plant design project. PDS is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering application for plant design, construction, and operations.

The process plant piping design course is a highly practical and interactive intensive course. You will learn (review) the fundamentals of piping system components, specification, the types and application of these components. Students will also learn the fundamentals of plant layout, piping equipment, design principles and procedures used in the design, and engineering of complex process plants. Practical and real life examples from actual piping design projects will be used extensively during the course. Students will also be familiarized with the roles and responsibilities of a piping designer, and those roles and responsibilities that are carried throughout an entire piping design project. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to apply piping design principles and standards through piping design workshops that will connect students with their newly acquired knowledge to actual engineering practices.Piping Design Engineers play a vital role in development or re-construction of Plants, related to Oil & Gas Industries, Power Plant, Fertilizers Industries and Food Industries etc.

Piping Design Engineers will be involved from the planning stage to the functioning stage of the Plant. The major work of a Piping Design Engineer is to develop the General Assembly Drawing (GAD), routing Pipe�s, Generating Isometric Drawings, selecting Material of Construction & assuring the safety of pipe by performing Pipe Stress Analysis.

Syllabus for Plant Design System

Piping Engineering course

I        Introduction of PDS and plant / projects

II       Create equipment

III      Modify equipment

IV      Using co-ordinate

V       Placing of nozzle

VI      Standard equipment

VII     Placing pipe

VIII    ISO drawing manager

IX      Sample projects

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