Plant Design Management System

PDMS (Plant Design Management System) is 3-D Pipe Drafting software used mainly for off-shore, on-shore oil & gas industry and it�s related application provides a powerful suit of facilities for the creation analysis documentation of a real-life plant in three dimensional representation in a logically interconnected system.This course will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the 3D modeling software used for the design of various facilities a process plant, manufacturing plant, electrical systems, nuclear plants and oil and gas/offshore facilities.PDMS used for engineering, design & construction projects, chemical and process plants, water treatment plants, power plants, paper & pulp manufacturing.It is known in the 3D CAD industry, is a customizable, multi-user and multi-discipline, engineer controlled design software package for engineering design.The full range of drawings and pipe isometrics that can be produced from the model enable significant cost and schedule savings compared to traditional CAD design methods.

PDMS also has a marine application as well.The system also allows access from multiple sites so that we can apply the full strength of our global network to design issues. Modelling is carried out using a customer-defined catalogue and specifications. PDMS also includes integrity checking and rule-based checking tools, which improve the quality of our work. Drawings and reports are generated directly from the model database to ensure consistency between design information and the project deliverables. There are no limits to project size or complexity.

As drawing production is managed through a database, there is the best possible level of consistency between drawings, reports and design data.The PDMS approach enables a wide range of sophisticated design checks to be carried out across all aspects of the design to check and improve quality.PDMS 3D design software delivers maximum productivity and capability on all types of plant project, from the smallest upgrade to new build projects of unlimited size and complexity. PDMS users range from small engineering contractors to many of the largest multinational process and power companies.

Syllabus for PDMS

Equipment Modeling

I  . Basic

II . General Utilities

III. Create Equipment

IV . Modify Equipment

Pipe Works

I  . Pipe work modeling

II . Modify pipe routing

III. Piping Orientation

IV . Pipe work Utility

Supports & Electrical Works

I  . Hangers & Supports


III. Cable Tray

IV . Create

V  . Modify


I  . Beams & Columns

II . Panels & Plates

III. Walls & Floors

IV . ASL Modeller

Drawing Manager

I  . Drafting

II . ISO Generation

Reporters & Utilities

I  . Spooler

II . Report Generation

III. PDMS Commands

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